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Optimize conversions with A/B Testing


A/B Testing is a fundamental concept that will help you improve your conversion rate on almost all online processes. Thus your costs per lead can be cut down drastically and the number of successful conversions easily improved.

The multivariate module (A/B Testing is formally a simplified Multivariate Test) provides deep integration to add testing cases to your Drupal site. Almost all processes onsite can be covered and variations tested.

We'll show you how to setup a test and get valueable information about your clients to better understand your customers, improve your strategy and simply test multiple variants instead of guess what might work best. Sometimes you will get really unexpected results and it's worth trying things!

Learn also from showcases and success stories on amazing results this concept / module helped to reach.

Find the PDF of the presentation here.

Session Details
05.05. Saturday
Acquia Room
45-50 minutes
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