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Managing large Drupal projects with multiple partners


Larger Drupal projects are usually not handled by one service provider alone. There usually is one lead agency that then adds partners for specialized development, hosting, design, SEO, information architecture and other aspects of the project.




The successful integration of such a network of partners is not an easy task, but provides big benefits in terms of time to market and quality of the project.

In this panel, we will explore the challenges and benefits of such an approach with experienced representatives from all kinds of service providers. We will touch on topics such as customer communications, project management, separation of tasks and also the sharing of cost and revenue.

This panel discussion should be of interest to Drupal service providers looking for inspiration about how to go about such projects as well as to customers contemplating doing a large Drupal project with an assortment of cooperating agencies.

Session Details
04.05. Friday
Acquia Room
45-50 minutes
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