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Upgrade your offer! How to sell business value.



The market for Drupal services is maturing, and so must our offers. In order to stay relevant and be competitive as more enterprise customers enter the market, Drupal shops need to shift focus to delivering business value, and not just code. In this session I will talk about how NodeOne's offer centering around business value, rather than just "sites done to spec", has changed how we work and whom we work with. How much more fun we have now. And how you can do the same.






Session highlights


  • See how shifting to talking business value with the customer will change your role and transform the agency vs. customer relationship into real teamwork, making specification-disputing trench warfare a thing of the past.
  • Learn a proven method to analyze and understand your customer's business case, their expected return and manage projects to deliver exactly that.
  • Find out why usability and UX are key to success, why you need to integrate them with your offer, and why they tie in tightly with the value a project generates for your customer.
  • Get an insight into how all this helps reduce workplace stress and create a better and more attractive workplace to help you attract and retain talent.

I've held this session in Oslo and Copenhagen previously, and it's been quoted "best of the conference."

About the speaker

Jakob is a co-founder and CKO of NodeOne, a 58 strong Drupal consultancy based in Scandinavia. He specializes in web strategy and usability to help clients succeed and focus on what actually delivers what they need and also manages NodeOne's intellectual capital. He's been working with Drupal since 2005 and has a background in cognitive science and computer science.

Jakob has previously been speaking at DrupalCons and DrupalCamps on estimating techniques and on NodeOne's platform distribution NodeStream.

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Session Details
04.05. Friday
Mearra Room
45-50 minutes
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