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Introduction, Welcome and the bridge between Drupal & Microsoft


We want to say hello, welcome the attendees, spend a few words on the coming days and get some update what from our host on the updates from Microsoft and the bridge to Drupal.

After this session we start straight with the Open Space event to discuss many interesting topics.

A few topics that might interest you, where you are welcome to discuss them with Alessandro Pilotti (IT):

Benefits of IIS and the MS stack for Drupal (including a demo of WebPi, fast-cgi and WinCache)
Drupal on Azure
Drupal and SQL Server
Scalability on IIS (ARR, WFF)
Symfony on the MS stack in a Drupal 8 perspective
Drupal 8 and mobile devices. We might spend a few words on WP7 and IE9

Session Details
03.05. Thursday
Acquia Room
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