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5th May: Drupal Startup Day

During the Drupal Startup Day, we want to focus on the practical side of Drupal for startups. The goal of the day is to bring together those with ideas with those that implement them. Since much of this idea sharing will have to happen in an organic way, we believe that this is best implemented in an open space format.

On the program we have of course the "Start-up Presentations". The TOP 10 start-up teams will present their Drupal project.

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Pick your Sessions

Time: 9:00

Room 8

Time: 9:30

business, Business & Strategy, product, Showcase, Startup, Startup Pitch

Acquia Room

Time: 10:00

Beginner level, Business & Strategy, customer, experience, growth, hiring, organisation, responsibilities, Roles, vendor, Intermediate level

Acquia Room

Time: 12:00

Room 8

Time: 13:00

Beginner level, Business & Strategy, Conversion, Design & Usability, Optimizing, Showcase, Site Building, Statistics, Testing, Intermediate level

Acquia Room

Time: 15:00

Beginner level, Business & Strategy, Showcase

Mearra Room

Time: 17:00

Acquia Room

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