Drupal Business Alliance meets the Drupal Association

CXO Frankfurt

On 08.03.2018, the day of the German Splash Awards, Drupal executives and Drupal Association (DA) board members came together in Frankfurt for the CXO Open Space meetup with the Global Drupal Business Alliance (DBA) to discuss how to cooperate and to define common goals.

Key Questions

Why the DBA is planning to work with the DA and why is it important?

The Drupal Association is the heart of the Drupal community, keeping alive the infrastructure of drupal.org and the balance between the community and businesses. We encourage our members strongly to support the DA, that’s why we will consider requiring an active DA membership prior to joining the DBA.

What is the difference between the DA and the DBA?

The Business Alliance acts as an addition to the Drupal Association, which as displayed in the execution plan, carries a wide range of responsibilities, including serving the Drupal community and businesses. Although the DA offers notable benefits for businesses, the Drupal Association was never designed to represent and serve business purposes solely. We believe that this focus is essential when it comes to execution of marketing and sales activities. Unlike the Drupal Association, the Business Alliance provides businesses with a 100% focused platform for growth, while offering complete transparency, lean execution and direct involvement in the decision-making process.

How is the DA and the DBA going to collaborate?

As both organizations share common goals, we plan to collaborate on projects related to surveys and Drupal marketing as well as to share relevant data which helps to create strategies around fostering the Drupal adoption.

What’s Next?

Explore with us marketing opportunities and join other executives with a growth mindset. Sign up at drupalbusiness.org for an invitation at the next assembly and have a look at association.drupal.org to learn more about the work of the Drupal Association.