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3rd May: Drupal Executives Day

Drupal is an open source CMS that successfully supports 2% of the top 10.000 websites, such as websites by Google, Yahoo, Paypal, Stanford University, Harvard, Twitter, IKEA, Ebay, Mercedes, Springer Verlag, Unicef, Amnesty International, Mc Donalds, The Whitehouse, General Motors, Sony, The Worldbank and many more.

The 3rd May will be full of sessions & discussions about strategy & showcases for and by executives.

The first day is limited for C-Level employees & business owners only, with a maximum of 3 seats per company to be able to offer a better experience of exchange.

Sessions on the 3th May

Time: 8:30

Business & Strategy

Room 8

Time: 9:00

Beginner level, Business & Strategy, CXO, Executives, Intermediate level, Expert level

Acquia Room

Time: 10:30

Business & Strategy, CXO, Executives

Acquia Room

Time: 13:00

Room 8

Time: 13:30

Business & Strategy, CXO, Executives

Social Networks


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