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European Drupal Business Days 2012

In May, 2012 the European Drupal Business Days in Vienna are going to be held for the second time.

Where is it?

Austria, Vienna

When is it?

Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of May 2012



The development of technology means new challenges for businesses all around the world.


The performance challenges for companies are about to change substantially. 

An important aspect of this process is to find convenient software solutions to meet the specific needs of new products, websites and applications such as interactive information sharing, interoperability and the collaboration between different kinds of users. The consideration of fexibility, security aspects and the improvement of efficiency are further important requirements modern websites should be able to match. The technology to implement these kind of website projects is commonly known as Web 2.0 technology.


Open Source Software for Businesses

There are considerable reasons why the open source software is apt to provide suitable solutions. Open source software has some important advantages compared to proprietary software:

  • Innovation benefits from a large developers' community
  • Flexibility in meeting changing needs in a changing environment.
  • The avoidance of vendor lock-in, as often the case with proprietary software products.

The adoption of open source software means faster and easier implementation of projects and consequently lead to cost savings and innovation for companies.



Experiences so far have shown that the open source software Drupal has been utilized very successfully to provide suitable software solutions for businesses. Drupal is a CMS that successfully supports successful sites all over the world including some top sites such as

Other companies that are using or have used Drupal for some of their projects are Yahoo, Paypal, Stanford University, Harvard, Twitter, IKEA, Ebay, Mercedes, Springer Verlag, Unicef, Amnesty International, McDonalds, The Whitehouse, General Motors, Sony and many others.

Drupal is also in use for embassies, courts, ministries, agencies, parliaments and projects of intergovernmental organisations like the World Bank, the European Space Agency and the European Union to mention just a few examples.


For whom is the conference?

Evaluators and business people as well as Drupal users and developers will have the opportunity to meet up and swap ideas how to improve and support business processes, build products and grow ideas.


What to expect?

There will be keynotes, sessions, showcases, startups and panel discussions. If you have a special topic in mind you want to be brought up in Vienna you can register and propose your own session. Practically we have large rooms each hold over 100 people, while small rooms hold more than 40 attendees.

Sessions and showcases

Current plans are to have two or three tracks. We will give you showcases of international, national and local websites and discuss topics as:

  • Drupal and Open Source adoption
  • Case Studies & Showcases
  • Projects & Solutions
  • Drupal Commons
  • Drupal Commerece
  • Open Data with Drupal
  • Video portals
  • E-Learning
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Project Management
  • Integration Services for Businesses
  • Interoperability
  • Have a look at the proposed sessions.

After we have a schedule we'll need you to update your personal schedule from the sessions that are of interest for you.

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