Open Call - Letter of Intent

Drupal Business

Letter of Intent


Innovation and technology are creating positive change at a faster rate than ever before. The daily life of every individual is positively influenced by innovative ideas, business models, business processes and the repeated improvement of business practices. Companies related to Drupal can come in all forms but are united in their association with being innovators. They are mostly, but not exclusively, technology-oriented companies, many of which seek to disrupt old markets or to create new ones.

While being leaders in technology many companies face challenges growing, marketing their businesses and Drupal as a whole. Their goal is to create an alliance platform which will provide Drupal companies with informed solutions to often complex questions and support the Drupal project in marketing matters.

To sustain and grow Drupal's marketing reach under a common Drupal Business voice, Drupal companies have to be understood, and the relevant areas of improvement need to be clearly identified. This should be done by combining scientific research with practical knowledge and best practice examples of all internal and external ecosystems. We have no intention to compete with the Drupal Association in any way. The Drupal Association and the National Drupal associations are more than willing to work together, share best practices and leverage their national networks on a global level to coordinate actions and communicate together for the benefit of all Drupal companies.

With the intent to connect the Drupal Business ecosystems to form an alliance for best practice exchange and suggestions made by and for founders, associations, initiatives, and individuals below commit to creating a Global Drupal Business Network focusing on marketing initiatives.


This alliance will work on three major areas:

  • Creating marketing materials, assets, tools, and campaigns to demonstrate the benefits of Drupal and open-source as a whole.

  • Performing original, independent research to create transparency, improve Drupal, and grow the Drupal eco-system. For example:

    • Where do we do well? Where do we do poorly? How can we improve?

    • Which sectors are developed? Which sectors are underdeveloped?

    • What factors drive the selection or rejection of Drupal as a component of an organization’s digital strategy?

    • What are the major threats to Drupal and open-source?

    • How should the Drupal project roadmap be adapted?

  • Further development of the Drupal Business Network


The alliance will not focus on:

  • Cooperation on actual client related matters (Sharing resources, prices,...)

  • Managing and supporting the Drupal community as a whole

  • Funding Drupal development


In building the Alliance, we need to guarantee a transparent and independent organization - free to speak up on behalf of the Drupal companies; a credible voice backed by companies of all sizes, and engagement in a common exchange across countries, communities, and organizations. Other Drupal associations that undertake research and campaigning on behalf of Drupal companies are welcome to join the network. The main goal of the Global Drupal Business Alliance is to harmonize the Drupal ecosystems concerning marketing, market expansion and entrepreneurial culture within each community and country.

Declare Your Interest Here.


We value your opinion and therefore opened this letter for suggestions.