Splash Awards Germany 2018

Splash Awards Germany 2018

On March 8th, 2018, the second Splash Awards will take place in Germany. The “Brotfabrik” in Frankfurt am Main is going to be the venue for the event. The Award honors the best Drupal contractors in Germany of the past year.

The Splash Award premiered in Germany in 2017 and is based on an idea from the Netherlands, where the award for the best Drupal projects is given annually since 2014.
Meanwhile, Denmark, France and Romania have followed this example and other countries plan the honoring of their best Drupal projects.

This year, the jury, which consists of internationally renowned personalities from the Drupal community, awards prizes in nine categories, e. g. education for the best education projects, non-profit for the support of charitable associations, or different non-commercial projects.

In the year of premiere, the town of Reykjavik and projects for famous clients were awarded, including Biocom AG, Heidelberg Cement, Duden Learnattack and Burda Medien Verlag.

Add your project here: http://www.splashawards.de/

The exact time will be announced.

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